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Award Podium in Kent

Award podiums go hand in hand with achievements. You only have to think of Formula One drivers spraying champagne into the crowd or an athlete taking the top step of the podium at the Olympics to be reminded of just how much they add to an occasion.

An award platform gives participants in any competition a visual incentive to aim for and encourages that extra touch of pride at being able to climb on one of the steps for their deserved applause.

Award podiums in Kent come in many different materials, shapes and sizes and are perfect for numerous events and occasions.

They can also be purchased in a configuration that can be folded down and neatly packed away until needed again, which allows you to stand still and save loads of space.

Please contact our team at if we can help with any aspect of your award podium needs.


Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for an award podium platform nearby or in your surrounding area, your search may have come back fruitless.

This is because there aren’t as many small independent providers as there used to be, but that doesn’t mean you have to come away empty-handed.

We provide the best award podiums the country has to offer, and they are available in various specifications.

Choose from a huge range of colours, materials and constructions that best suits your needs.

We can offer tiered seating to so people can watch the awards ceremony. 

If you aren’t sure what your needs are, then one of our expert team will happily help guide you in your choice.

One thing that is guaranteed, you will wonder why you didn’t consider purchasing an award platform from us sooner.

Who Would Benefit From A Winners Podium?

Victory podiums for sale in the UK are extremely popular with several establishments including, but not limited to;

  • Schools

  • Colleges

  • Universities

  • Dramatic societies

  • Musical clubs and schools

  • Local sporting clubs

  • Churches

  • Swimming clubs

Victory podiums are so versatile.

You don’t have to perform in an arena in front of 30,000 people to be able to climb to the top step of a podium, as much pride and pleasure can be gained by winning the sack race on a school sports day.

A victory at any level deserves recognition, and a platform is an ideal way to celebrate this.

Equally ideal for a sporting event or a talent contest, they are inexpensive to show an audience that your event goes that extra mile to celebrate the participant’s achievements.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Winners Podium Dimensions

The dimensions of our 1st, 2nd, 3rd winners podium are 540mm x 2250mm.

This includes a 180mm x 750mm 3rd place, 750mm x 750mm second place and 540mm x 750mm first place.

Award Podium in

We recommend these dimensions as they allow more than one person to stand on each podium if there is a joint winner.

Most portable award podiums do not allow for this, but it is something to consider when used in schools and sports clubs.

Advantages of a Winners Podium

Winners podiums in Kent are fast becoming an integral part of events, especially where children are concerned.

In an age where children are given trophies just for participating, there is more emphasis than ever on nurturing a positive attitude, and a winner's podium can do just that.

It gives them something to aim for, to brag about when they manage to climb the hallowed steps of victory.

Of course, it’s not just children that need rewards for their efforts and award; podiums can also be used in various circumstances for adults.

An amateur dramatics production, a spelling bee and a musical performance are all events that would benefit from an award stand.

They are portable and can be moved on and off stage quickly, giving the winners the inspiration to go on, improve and keep aiming for that top step.

Costs of an Award Podium

On average, you can pay between £200 to £2,000 for a winner's podium.

The costs of an award podium depend on the following factors:

  • Size of the podium. 

  • Material of the platform. 

  • Bespoke design. 

  • Finish and coating. 

For an accurate quotation, get in touch with our team of experts today. 


Sports Podium UK

Sports podiums in the UK are a must if you want your event to stand out from the crowd. It could be anything from dirt bike racing to football to ice skating - that’s the beauty of these podiums.

They can be used for so many events and are unbelievably cost-effective.

They can easily be adapted to incorporate corporate and local sponsors, and colour schemes can be changed to tie in with the theme of different events.

If you want your winners to experience the admiration they deserve, then speak to us about an award podium for your sporting establishment.

Together we can find a configuration that will suit your platform needs perfectly.

How To Build Our Modular Winners Podium

Watch our step-by-step guide on how to assemble our modular staging correctly and see how easy it is to put up!

It's no surprise to see why thousands of UK residents have come to us for their winner's podium needs!

Podium Stand Near Me

Finding a podium stand near me in Kent couldn’t be simpler.

All you have to do is to complete a few details on the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We have provided podium stands for countless organisations and sporting events and are confident we can do the same for you.

Constructed from the highest quality materials, our award podiums stand up to repeated use and give your award event an added touch of class and glamour.

The closest races can be decided by milliseconds, but the visual difference on a stand between first, second and third is too apparent to the people taking part.

It encourages them to try harder because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be number one? 

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Contact our team if you want your event to be top of the platform for celebrating awards.

Our award podiums in Kent are available in many guises and durable enough to be used on multiple occasions.

Promote a winning attitude at your events by getting in touch now and purchasing a podium that will inspire and drive success. 


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